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Author: Charl from Uk

Iíve been using Naturaful for about 3 weeks now, itís absolutely amazing, Iíve seen massive change, however I have developed a rash around my boobs. Do I need to stop using it?

Author: Lisa Lee from Naturaful Forum

Once you stop using naturaful cream, your breast will return to initial state. Results are not permanent.

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Author: Anonymous from Friend

Where you buy this cream? I'm in Uk and I would like to know a shop or a site. Thanks .

Author: Nora from Naturaful Forum

You can buy naturaful from official website (click "Naturaful website" above), they have worldwide shipping.

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Author: Krissy1020 from Nc

I got the 3 month supply & now on my 2nd jar as of 4 days ago. I'm a 32 A. I've noticed some increase & firmness but trying to get my soft shapeless right breast to catch up. Been working on the right one most until it catches it up the bigger one which is noticeable. But it's only been a little over a month I will 5 star this when I see more which I think I will. I love it so far & not stopping

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Author: Krissy1020 from Nc

I been using naturaful for a little over a month and I'm now on the 2nd jar. I see fullness and some growth however I'm still in a A bra but I'm gaining some. My left breast sure is filling out wish my right one would you and even out though I'm giving my small one more treatment it don't seem to want to catch up which it has some like a mm. But this is a good product and love it. Will buy more.

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Author: Anonymous from Naturaful Forum

I started developing a small itchy rash in my cleavage area, only been using this for 5 days, and I don't won't to stop using the product at all, do you think it will go away,is there anything to worry about with the rash?

Author: Krissy1020 from Nc

I don't think naturaful would cause a itching or rashes. I been using it over a month and it makes my skin smooth and feel good and smell good. This cream isn't made of harsh chemicals just all natural herbs. Are you mixing it with something else or using different soaps washing powder etc? anything new in your diet that u could be allergic too?

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Author: Anonymous from Spain

I had naturaful for 3 weeks. No visible increase in breast size yet. But I see it lifted my breasts and firmed them up! Not bad.

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Author: Ericka from New Jersey

Hi hoping to get someone who has used this product recently and to hear how it worked for them and how long did they use it. Starting size and ending size. I'm a 32a I was never big chested but after having 3 babies I feel deflated. I am only 29 and am petitie build on top. Thank you. Oh and whar is your take on the parabans used in it.

Author: Krissy1020 from Nc

There are not any parabens in naturaful. I'm only aware of the ingredients that's on the jar and that what naturaful customer service told me. But it's all natural and no parabens that I know of any at all. If there were added ingredients such as certain parabens it would say so on the jar. I don't use products with parabens and I use naturaful and planning on buying more. Just got on my 2nd

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Author: Lina from Wichita, Kansas

I did a LOT of research before I bought this product. I love that it is manufactured with all natural products and it is created in an FDA approved lab. What could be better than that? Plus I am seeing very consistent results over time.

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Author: Vanessa from Philladelphia, PA

I bought this because 96% of the people use used it said that they felt it was a great & safe alternative to breast surgery. I agree completely. Everyone should try to avoid surgery if they can find alternatives.

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Author: ML from Texas

I noticed rash occurring under the nipple after applying Naturaful. Will it go away? I stopped using this breast cream

Author: Carolyn from Charlotte, South Carolina

I actually have a rash but it only lasted a very short time. After doing more research on the product I discovered that I was not massaging the cream completely into the breast area. You are supposed to massage it into a circular direction until all of the cream has been absorbed. Once I started doing that, it was all fine and no more little rash. Great product. It works.

Author: Anonymous from Naturaful Forum

This product is completely safe & it has been used by thousands of women worldwide. It's a completely safe topical cream but it does stimulate new cell growth in the mammary glands. It contains natural, safe phytoestrogens which naturally copy the action of estrogen. Sometimes there may be a slight reaction such as a rash. Should be fine.

Author: Anonymous from Naturaful Forum

Yes, your rash should definitely go away. Sometimes the breasts will react at the beginning by having a rash, but it should be temporary. It's possible you're using too much of the cream? Or not rubbing it in completely? Try not to give up too fast.

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Author: Jana from St. Louis, Missouri

I started using this product to get ready to really knock the socks off of my future husband at our wedding. I'm wearing a low cut for fitting wedding gown. So far so good. I am seeing noticeable results after just 3 months. As others say, you have to consistently use the product, but if you do and if I am any example, this is a good product.

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Author: Wendy from New York, New York

So many wonderful all natural ingredients are used in this product including Mexican Wild Yam, Dong Quai and Blessed Thistle. Each one of these ingredients are great by themselves, but together they really help make a big difference in the results.

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Author: Kara from Cincinnati,Ohio

I was worried that the product wouldn't work and I would lose my money. I was SO wrong. It really works. Of course you have to be consistent about using the product every single day. Don't skip or put it off. The results are definitely worth the effort.

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Author: Sally from San Francisco

What I really love about Naturaful is that it first and foremost it adding firming of my breasts. Yes, I wanted to increase the size, but after the birth of my first child, my breast sagged. Naturaful is so easy to use and really worth it.

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Author: Sara from Cary, North Carolina

I love how my breasts look after 4 months in my tight t-shirts. They look so much rounder & fuller. I feel so much more confident and just happy with how I look. Awesome.

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Author: Donna from Fort Worth, Texas

I have been using Naturaful for 6 months and saw results after only 2.5 weeks. I was amazed. It definitely lifted my breasts. They were also firmed up. I would recommend this product to anyone who is a skeptic. I am now a true believer.

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Author: Eden from San Antonio, Texas

I love this product. It is easy to use and I like the cream. If you follow the instructions and do everything the product claims, it really works. I have already recommended it to several of my friends and family.

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Author: Anonymous from Naturaful Forum

Is this product manufactured in the USA? Is is in an FDA approved manufacturing facility? How would I find out that information?

Author: Krissy1020 from Nc

Yes it is to both questions.

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