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Author: Teresa from 500Cosmetics Bust forum

I'm so glad I found these pills. Not only did they work without any side effects, my breasts feel and look so much fuller!

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Author: Anna from 500Cosmetics Bust forum

I've been taking 500Cosmetics pills for over a year and I feel like my breasts have grown in size. The pills do not guarantee you will turn into a D-cup but they can help.

Author: Anna from 500Cosmetics Bust forum

It's an affordable way to get some breast growth without having to take hormone treatments or go under the knife.

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Author: Alexandra from Seattle Washington

These pills rock! I feel like I'm 20 years younger because of these bust pills from 500 Cosmetics.

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Author: Mimi7771 from Kansas City

I prefer breast lift cream over their bust pills. The cream smells nice and seems to work wonders. The 500cosmetics pills on the other hand didn't seem to work all too much for me.

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Author: Anna from 500Cosmetics Bust forum

These 500cosmetics pills for breast are good but not ideal. I've been taking them for a month now and have not noticed any breast growth. However, it helped me improve breast appearance after breastfeeding! Hopefully, it will increase size, too.

Author: Jess89 from Anonymous

I've been thinking of trying 500Cosmetics to help with increasing my breast size. Please update us if you notice any growth. I want to know if it's worth trying.

Author: LauraYork1990 from New Mexico

I used it after breastfeeding as well and it helped bring my breasts back to what they used to be, in some ways. The only downside, is that I haven't gained increase in breast size. But, I'm happy with things being a bit more fuller. My breasts haven't looked this good in years, so I'm happy and so is my husband.

Author: Vicky from 500Cosmetics Bust forum

I'm debating if I should try these bust pills. My breasts aren't as full as they used to be, and I would love to have firm breasts once again. I'm just worried I won't see any changes.

Author: Kendra is here from Somewhere

It should help increase in size soon. It's going to take a bit, because nothing is instantaneous. It's well worth the wait though.

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Author: Carly from Canada

Should I just get the 5 month supply so I can full on test it to make sure it increases bust size? I want to try it out so bad, but I feel like a month or two supply won't be enough. I just see it taking a bit longer then I had hoped. We shall see I suppose.

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Author: James Volt from 500Cosmetics Bust forum

I am so happy my wife decided to try these Bust pills. She's been unhappy about her breast size in recent years and wanted to reshape them to their former glory. And with these bust pills, her breasts look fantastic. She's happy, and I am certainly happy as well.

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Author: Hanna A from 500Cosmetics Bust forum

I wish I could give a glowing review of these bust pills through 500 Cosmetics, but I didn't see any changes in my bust size after taking them.

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Author: Hilary from Miami Florida

Are all the ingredients safe to ingest? Are there any risky side effects? I just had a child and I want to reshape my breasts. I want to make sure all is safe before I jump into anything.

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Author: Satisfied Customer from Nowhere

Overall I'm very satisfied with 500Cosmetics breast enhancement line. I noticed an increase in breast size after just a couple months of using the product. It comes highly recommended from me.

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Author: Tia Morgan from Baltimore

I have some questions about the breast enhancement pills 500Cosmetics sells on their site. I'm new to all of this, but want bigger breasts. How long do you go until you notice a change in breast size after starting on these pills? I hope it starts working magic once I start, but if it takes a few months, I'm willing to be patient with the wait.

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Author: Maryann from Rhode Island

Not very happy overall. I've been using their breast enhancement pills, and I haven't noticed much of a change at all. My breasts feel better, but I haven't noticed a change otherwise.

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Author: LoriY82 from 500Cosmetics Bust forum

I've been taking their breast pills for a while now, and I've noticed my breasts have increased in size. They haven't increased by a lot, but that's okay. I've been losing weight as well, and the size stuck, so I'm happy overall. :)

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Author: Natasha from Portland

I've tried 500Cosmetics twice so far to help get rid of my "small bust" problem. Each time has been iffy. They capsules I got helped for a bit, but it didn't resolve my issues. I think I may need a bigger dosage.

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