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Author: Anonymous from Blossom Forum

Can these be taken with anti-depression medication? I have to make sure before I order, my doctor is out of town.

Author: Anonymous from Blossom Forum

no problems, you can take both!

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Author: Rebecca from Las Vegas

I didn't want to get plastic surgery so I heard of women trying out natural enhancing and figured I should see what all the buzz was about. I am not small to begin with. I am about a C cup but I always wanted to be larger for my frame, a D or so. I have been on these for about 3 months and I have grown quite a bit! I am thrilled!

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Author: M. Green from Valley City

These work!! I am in my mid to late 40's and I am blown away. My breasts have not grown a lot but they are so perky and full of life again like when I was in my 20's!

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Author: Paul W. from Blossom Forum

My girlfriend has been looking for enlargement pills for her breasts. I am wondering if these are safe to take with birth control?

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Author: Stephanie from Blossom Forum

I've been taking blossom breast pills without any side affects for three months. It works nicely!

Author: Kelly from Blossom Forum

How much growth did you see? I have been on some before with no side effects but I also seen no change in my bust size.

Author: Lynda from MAINE

I noticed a change straight away as I was quite sore! they grew about half a cup size for me but I have only been on them for 2 months.

Author: Jamie from Blossom Forum

I am glad I am not the only one who was feeling sore, I thought something was wrong! It has only been two weeks for me so fingers crossed! I want to fill out my wedding dress better. I have till March!

Author: Penny from Nebraska

OMGOSH YOU GUYS! I AM BLOWN AWAY! I have only been taking mine for ONE MONTH and my breasts have went from an A cup to a full B!!!! I feel sexy in lingerie now! No boob job required!

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Author: Carry from N/A

I love that most of what is found in these supplements is natural. That is what made me choose them. It has only been a few weeks for me but I can tell I have a fuller bust line already.

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Author: Britney Welsh from Texas

This was my first experience using breast enhancement supplements. I must say, I am shocked they worked! I had no noticeable side effects and all of my bras are tight on me!

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Author: Rhonda from Utah

I had a few side effects. My cycle was off for 2 months, I had tenderness in my breasts, I was having trouble sleeping at night, and some smells made me quite sick. I almost felt pregnant again haha But other than that, this stuff works!. I can't stop recommending Blossom enough!

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Author: Gail Stone from New Jersey

I will be honest, when I started taking these my stomach was upset for a few days. I think this is from the hormones changing. After just 3 weeks my breasts went from barely a C cup to a full C! I am honestly surprised and thrilled! I have never been able to fill out a full C cup bra!

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Author: Dianne L. from Washington DC

I am here to ask a question. My friend recommended these to me after seeing them online. I want to know if there are any major side effects with these supplements that would happen if taking them with other daily vitamins?

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Author: David Black from Denver

I got these for my wife as she complained after our second child, her chest had shrunk. I noticed a difference in her breast size in the first few weeks and she is now on her third bottle and has went from a small B cup to a large C. Very impressed.

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Author: Sara D. from Cali

I love this stuff! I have been using it for a few months and not only has it decreased PMS symptoms, but my breasts have grown half a cup!

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