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Author: Rise from North Carolina

I started taking Breast Success about 3 weeks ago and since then have had some mild stomach upset. I am not sure if this is down to the pill itself or the pill effecting my hormones. It doesn't happen every day but it is mildly annoying. I noticed some growth, not much but some. I am not sure if I will continue taking this or not because my stomach seems to not agree with it.

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Author: Tilde from Outside US

Hi, ever since I was in my early teens I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The medicines seem to suppress estrogen and I never fully developed any breastsize so I tried your pills. I had a estrogenspiral to prevent childbirth inside my vagina. The breastsuccesspills made me feel sick and I got extra vaginal bleeding from it, probably because I could not take the pills regularly. I quit breastsuccess.

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Author: Anonymous from Arkansas

I have researched this product EXTENSIVELY and am very interested in trying it since it sounds like it works. However, there is one thing keeping me from doing it. Are the results permanent? They claim that all you need to do after reaching the desired size is take one pill for ninety additional days. Is this true? If anyone has done this successfully please leave a comment. Thank you.

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Author: Sky from Laguna Beach California

I have taken these pills for a couple of weeks and am not noticing any difference or tingling or anything.

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Author: Anonymous from USA

Did anyone notice hair loss after six months? I only rate it low because I'm concerned with the balance of hormones after taking this product and suffered noticable hair loss.

Author: Julia from Breast Success Forum

There cannot be a connection between hair loss and breast enlargement pills.

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Author: Raqual from India

If I buy this for wife will breasts become large? I have been looking for long

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Author: Julia from Dunberry

Simple, this is a success. What isn't to like? Larger size, easy to take, no side effects. winner

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Author: mini-t from Breast Success Forum

Just odered my 6 month supply...hoping for great results...I am a small B cup..I would be happy achieving a very Full B cup, with increase in fullness and firmness to fix what having children has done to my body...we will see..

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Author: Anonymous from Breast Success Forum

Very good pills, I noticed first results already in a month.

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Author: Lalima from India

I was surprised by speed of action of these breast pills. One month passed and I need new bra!

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Author: Lyca from Breast Success Forum

If this breast enhancement product could produce in another form (cream for example) I'd say it is perfect.

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Author: Rebecca from Spain

Breast Success gives amazing results! I've increased 5 cm in breast for less than a month!

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Author: Cynthia from Breast Success Forum

One of the best breast pills!

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Author: Louly from Cuba

My breasts became a little bigger, but I expected some more

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Author: Nora from Breast Success Forum

I am not really sure that my breast became larger but it's firmer and so seems larger

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Author: Veronica from USA

I've used these breast pills for a half of year and I can see some breast growth

Author: Amelia from NC

How much have you seen? I am still on the edge about this product...

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Author: Li from Breast Success Forum

good breast pills

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Author: Anonymous from Texas

My wife took these breast pills for 3 months. I think her breast did become firmer but not actually larger! She didn't change her bra size. We are going to try other breast pills, I will let you know in "breast actives forum".

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Author: Allanah from Australia

I've been told that there are customs restrictions on this product in did other Australians get this product??

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Author: Anonymous from Breast Success Forum

Yes, Breast Success will help you

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Author: Anonymous from Breast Success Forum

will breast success work for me if im only 18?

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Author: Julie from Breast Success Forum


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Author: Anonymous from US

I am going to keep on using it, because I love what it does for me.

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Author: Jamie from Tampa, Florida

I have been using Breast Success now for about a month (I have just started my second bottle of capsules) and I am beginning to see results already. Thanks everyone in this Breast Success forum, I'll post more soon.

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Author: Kimberley from Breast Success Forum

It has just been over a couple of weeks since I have been using Breast Success and I can already see a change in firmness and shape of my breasts.

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Author: Anonymous from London

The size increase was actually more than I expected as I was rather sceptical to begin with, but now I am a believer! My breasts also have the fullness they haven’t had since I was a teenager. What a fantastic product, I recommend it to any woman who wants a non-surgical solution to a small chest.

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Author: Liiai from Hawaii

Two months ago I started using Breast Success, and I am noticing results already.

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Author: Anonymous from Australia

Not only have I gained a full cup size, but my breasts have gone from squishy and beginning to sag, to full and rounded!

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Author: Jacinda from Canada

Having used Breast Success for just over two months I am now beginning to see some results and so far I’m extremely happy with what I see! My breasts have become more rounded and are definitely firmer. I plan to keep on using Breast Success for six months and can’t wait to see the end result.

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Author: Mary from Canada

Hey, I want to try breast success!

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Author: elisha from Breast Success Forum

I have been using Breast Sucess for a month now and have not noticed any change what so ever. I didnt know that coffee and alcohol have a negitive effect with Breast Sucess. I will finish my 6 month supply and let you know what happens then, fingers crossed it works...

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Author: julie from France

Hi, I've been using Breast Success for seven weeks now. My breasts do feel firmer but no noticeable change yet. I read a medical research on the product and it seemed to show positive results, however the doctors said it was important to use it longer than two months because that was when the product started to work most. As for coffee drinkers you should wait at least an hour or so before taking your pill. Coffee does affect all natural products from good use.

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Author: Jesse from USA

Don't bother. No tingling, no change. I tried contacting the company by email for my refund since it says 100% guarantee- no reply. Also tried calling the phone number that came with my online receipt, and it was a fax number. I am not hopeful about getting my $150 back.

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Author: Anonymous from NY

I've been using Breast Success for almost 3 months now. While I feel tingling, my breasts do not seem any firmer nor have I increased in size or fullness. I will try for another month.

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Author: Pam from Breast Success Forum

Breast Success has worked pretty good for me. I am a happy customer.

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